Catching the Big Fish

by katystreet

By David Lynch.

My friend Sean lent me this book after I visited him in Brooklyn, NY shortly after the 2016 presidential election of Donald Trump. I thought it would be primarily about Transcendental Meditation. I knew of David Lynch’s films but I had never seen anyway. Shortly after starting the book it became clear that it was mostly about David Lynch as a person, for people who love his movies and want to understand their creator. Having never seen him movies, this made the book feel little sparse. I didn’t particularly enjoy the writing style and his commentary felt empty to me.

I also didn’t like how he tried to justify his experiences with meditation by saying physicists had discovered the Unified Theory and therefore science was catching up to meditation. This just makes no sense to me. A unified theory is just a theory of fundamental forces in the universe, plus we have yet to agree on one, and a theory is just a posit of how the world might work, so I don’t understand what that has to do with humans being able to control their mental state.

Given all this it wasn’t a bad read. I like the metaphor of having to go into deep waters to catch big fish (in which the fish are your artist ideas). Shortly after finishing it I watched Blue Velvet, one of Lynch’s movies, which I found incredibly disturbing, though also very good.