Purple Cow

by katystreet

By Seth Godin.

I got a little obsessed with Seth Godin earlier this year and subscribed to his blog for months, before I felt it got less interesting. (This seems to be a running theme for me: I can’t subscribe to any email service for more than a couple months at a time.) Then two of his books turned up on someone’s reading list, so I figured I’d give them a shot.

Purple Cow is mostly about how you need to build remarkable products that appeal to specific people, as opposed to building bland products that you need to figure out how to mass market. This concept isn’t super deep but neither is the book super long. However he does dig into a little more than a couple sentences can describe. He makes an argument for the rise and fall of TV marketing and the requirement for successful organizations to constantly innovate. He does short case studies. Actually, every section of the book is super short. He gave the book away for free. It was an easy, engaging read. He’s a good writer with a lot of ideas.