by katystreet

By Oliver Sacks.

This short book is a collection of four essays by Oliver Sacks. One celebrates his eightieth birthday but the other three are in reaction to his terminal illness. I was inspired to read it by the Brain Pickings article on the small little thing. The essays are all short and feel like glimpses through windows into Oliver Sacks’ great mind. I love his delight in old age:

My father, who lived to be ninety-four, often said that the eighties had been one of the most enjoyable decades of his life. He felt, as I begin to feel, not a shrinking but an enlargement of mental life and perspective.

Ultimately they are of interest because Oliver Sacks is of interest, because Oliver Sacks is interesting. I think this must be the case for personal essays: the writer must engage you with their own self in order to take you along.